Shifting Power (Autographed)

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A dormant gene awakens… And so does a rising world government.
Valerie Russell is the key.

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Rising from the ashes... Valerie Russell must pick up the pieces of a life devastated by loss and take her place as the leader of a rebellion.
Denouncing the World Counsel Government, Valerie has a bounty on her head. Her execution suspended only by the life she carries inside; a DiaZem child. Her growing attraction to her DiaZem partner, Doctor August Wilkes, only complicates matter. Strange events begin swirling inside the Facility and a civil unrest rises outside while Valerie tries to adapt to life as a world leader and a mother.
Can Valerie take control of her own region and still manage to fight off the counsel's advances? Can she keep herself and her children safe from the tension building within the Facility walls? Will she let herself rely on the strength of those closest to her, or run for her life?
The DiaZem series continues in this high-action dystopian novel.

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