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The Brightest Firefly: A Collection of Short Works

In my jar of stories, you will find words in black and white. In this aspect and this alone are they the same. Otherwise, you will find varying genres, literary forms and lengths. While some of my writings are darker than others, I hope you would take the time to see how bright they all shine.

Coming Soon… Shifting Power!

The Award Winning follow up novel to Apparent Power: Shifting Power is scheduled to release Fall 2019!

“I’m not the leader everyone thinks I am.” Valerie shifted in the cushioned chair of her therapist’s office. Weekly sessions were supposed to get her life back to a semblance of a normal within the circumstances of her awakened DiaZem gene. Four months had passed since she went from working mom to regional queen in a matter of hours. For four months, a baby continued to grow in her womb. Four months since the Denver Massacre and losing her husband.  

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Apparent Power

Sparks will fly in a mother’s electrifying journey to pick up the pieces of worldwide devastation.

A dormant gene awakens… And so does a rising world government.
A young mother, the key.
Does she save her family? Or humanity?


Dacia M Arnold is an award-wining American novelist of dystopian, scifi and dark fiction. She enjoys writing main characters who are otherwise normal people with extraordinary abilities. She is also a mother, ten-year Army Veteran and an Amazon #1 Bestseller.