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New Release!!

Sparks will fly in a mother’s electrifying journey to pick up the pieces of worldwide devastation.

A dormant gene awakens… And so does a rising world government.
A young mother, the key.
Does she save her family? Or humanity?

Coming Soon… Shifting Power!

The Award Winning follow up novel to Apparent Power: Shifting Power is scheduled to release Fall 2019!

“I’m not the leader everyone thinks I am.” Valerie shifted in the cushioned chair of her therapist’s office. Weekly sessions were supposed to get her life back to a semblance of a normal within the circumstances of her awakened DiaZem gene. Four months had passed since she went from working mom to regional queen in a matter of hours. For four months, a baby continued to grow in her womb. Four months since the Denver Massacre and losing her husband.  


Dacia M Arnold is an award-wining American novelist of dystopian, scifi and dark fiction. She enjoys writing main characters who are otherwise normal people with extraordinary abilities. She is also a mother, ten-year Army Veteran and an Amazon #1 Bestseller.