Can’t get published without a following. Can’t get a following without publishing.

 What is a new writer to do? Build an author website.

Build Your Following with a Professional Author Website.

In today’s publishing market, it can be difficult for debut authors to get the word out about their work. Posting on social media only goes so far. Readers want a mutual place to meet the writer and sample their work without risk or obligation to blindly purchase a future work.

A Marketing Tool

When I tell people I am an author, one of the first things they do is go to their favorite search engine to see if I even show up.

With an author website, you are investing in your future success as a professional writer. Claim your custom domain and optimize your pen name in search engines. Build agency with new readers by posting about yourself in an author bio. Publish articles and sample stories on your blog. The functions of your own personal website far exceed the reach of your social media. Grow your readership before publishing to demonstrate the potential of your audience to literary agents.

Standard Website Features

First and foremost, I am an author. I work exclusively with authors of all levels to hone their marketing efforts, edit their novels, and, yes, build their platform. Every new writer should have a website that includes these features:

  • Home Page. The Home page includes your image, a brief summary of who you are, what you write, reviews or testimonials, and how to connect with you more (like through a digital newsletter or social media).
  • Author Bio. Your author bio is one of the most requested writings you will ever be asked for in this industry. When readers go to your page, they are looking for more about you versus a singular writing you’ve done.
  • Blogging is a great way to share your words with readers even before you’re published. Many audiences start with just friends and family wanting to know what you’re up to, or a way to serialize your own work-in-progress without compromising the ownership of your rights (this is how Andy Weir got his start).
  • Safely guard your personal email by allowing fans to reach out to you. In turn, you begin generating new leads for potential readers when your books are available.

How to Get Your Very Own Author Website

I have so much fun seeing authors build their online platforms. Throughout 2023, I am offering writers their very own customized Author Website for only $800 plus tax. This price includes a custom web address, four pages (Home, Author Bio, Blog, and Contact pages), and I will upload two blog posts for you to share with your social media and begin creating a buzz about your new site and future writing projects.

Get Your Professional Author Website

If you are ready to take your writing career to the next level by having your own website, contact me now to schedule a FREE consultation.