Reactance (Autographed)


A young girl must navigate the awakening of a dormant gene and its effects on her life. Will she find acceptance? Will it all come crashing down?

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My name is Sasha Bowman, and I am a member of the Reactance. An awakening of a dormant gene has ripped my home and community apart, giving society yet another reason to hate and even kill each other for. Some people are scared of us, and for good reason. I did not ask for this gene, nor did I give anyone permission to control it, but the government has put a DiaZem in charge to do just that. This murderess, Queen DiaZem, wiped out those in the city without the gene, including my father. Now, I must fight with the Reactance to stop the DiaZem’s Apparent Power and ensure these genes are returned to their dormant state.

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