Do You Need a Writing Coach?

Do You Need a Writing Coach?

Since I started writing, I have helped so many people on their own journey to publication.

Hundreds of times I’ve heard, “I have an idea for a story” from my friends, convention goers, co-workers and acquaintances.

I was a girl with a GED, a story, and a boat load of moxy. My very first blog post I said, “I thought it would be neat for all my future followers to get a peak inside the head of the author of Apparent Power. If I can do this, you can too.”

I always knew I would get here and it is time to bring everyone else with me.

In 2022 I will be accepting clients who want to publish their first novel in 12 months.

Never written before? No problem!

Half way done and have no idea how to finish? Let me help.

What is a writing coach and do you really need one? Lets chat.

A writing coach is many things, but most importantly is someone who has been through the process and is able to help others through actionable guidance and accountability. They don’t write the book for you, rather give you a solid direction to finally reach your long time goal of writing your story.

A writing coach can help you overcome the fear of criticism and failure by providing encouragement and gentle direction. Writing a book isn’t easy, but having someone cheer you on every step of the way makes the task far more enjoyable.

As a writing coach I can help you by:

  • Identifying WHY you want to write a book, and use this to motivate you through the process
  • Help you plot, map, and theme your writing to keep the process smooth from beginning to end
  • Help you set realistic daily and weekly writing goals
  • Provide general feedback on your writing
  • Provide next steps after the writing is done
  • Give you direction on creating a platform as an author so your book can find its way to the right readers

Everything I taught myself writing and publishing both traditionally and independently will be at your disposal.

I offer 4 coaching packages for writers at every stage of creation. Combine all 4 packages to receive a solid 12 months of coaching from idea to bookshelf.

Package 1: Honing the Idea is a one month consultation to get you on your feet and ready to write your book. You’ll receive introductory material, mapping guides, biweekly phone calls, and follow up emails. By the end of the month, you’ll be ready to spread your wings and call yourself a bona fide writer.

Package 2: The Writing will guide you from page 1 to “The End”. I will walk (and read) with you every step of the way providing timely feedback on your progress based on your personal writing goals. Follow the plan outlined in this package and you will have a solid first draft in six months or less. THAT’S RIGHT! Your book will be written!

Package 3: Post-Production Support. If publishing your book is your dream, I will provide you with 3 months of post-writing support. This includes building your writer platform, deciding which publishing path is right for you, finding and vetting editors, and walking you through preparing query letters and synopsis to find an agent.

Package 4: Selling the Book is a one month program that will teach you everything I know about marketing. You will have access to online training and resources to gain momentum in sales. You will also be featured on my website and be given the opportunity to join me at select conventions selling your book directly to readers.

Package 5 is a 12 month program combining all the packages taking you from an idea to signing autographs for readers excited for your work. Its an incredible journey and I am committed to see this dream come true for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about my writing packages, I am offering free consultations and plan to start coaching clients in early 2022. Please send me a message HERE or reach out via social media to learn more.


Dacia Arnold is an author that struggles to find a balance of work, motherhood, marriage, writing, and the occasional craft. Her first full length novel, Apparent Power, is in the works to be released December 2018. Dacia served 10 years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic and deployed twice to Iraq and often incorporates these experiences into her writings both fiction and non-fiction. She currently lives in Denver, Co with her husband, two children, and a fat beagle named Watson.

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