Review of Everything She Ever Wanted

Author: Liz Durano

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 317 pages

Author’s Site: Liz Durano

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Liz Durano


She’s smart, independent and heartbroken.
He’s gorgeous, cocky, and too young.
But when a scheduling mistake lands them in the same place at the same time, can their fling turn into the real thing?

When transplant surgeon Harlow James hits the open the road after a devastating personal loss and ends up in Taos, New Mexico, she hopes to find out where she went wrong.

Instead, she finds the perfect man.

There’s only one problem: he’s too young.

But even if master woodworker Dax Drexel is the perfect distraction to her problems, can their fling survive the scrutiny of her profession, her friends and his family? And when all is said and done, can she find the strength to return to the world that betrayed her and pick up the pieces she left behind?

Set amidst the enchanting landscape of Taos, New Mexico, Everything She Ever Wanted is a contemporary emotional romance that explores one woman’s search for the things that really matter, like love and family, and where losing her way turns out to be the best prescription to finding herself and falling in love.

What I Thought:

I laughed and cried. I got angry and excited. Durano took me on an emotional rollercoaster in Everything She Ever Wanted. I could not even wait to finish it before messaging her everything I thought.
Dr. Harlow James is being drug through the mud by her soon to be ex-husband. In an attempt to heal, Harlow takes an extended vacation and finds herself renting a home in rural Taos, New Mexico. The owner of the home, Dax Drexel (Swoon.. seriously. This cover is EVERYTHING), by luck of the stars, runs into the hot, older Dr. Harlow and the two hit it off.

As a medical professional for most of my adult life, I was pleasantly surprised to find no glaring misunderstandings in the storyline when it came to Harlow’s job and the politics involved in the medical field. I was impressed with how in-depth Durano went into the medical portion at times, and still managed to keep the storyline interesting.
This novel pairs well with Pinot Noir and a nice hot bubble bath. What a super cozy read. I recommend this book to everyone looking for a damn good love story with some juicy conflict. I will not give away who ends up with who in the end, but once you find out what Harlow really wanted, you still have to read to the very end to see if she gets it.

Go and buy this book right now!!!

About the Author:

Liz wrote her first multi-chapter story when she was in 8th grade and it almost got her kicked out of school because of NSFW content. But the principal made her a deal. She wouldn’t tell Liz’s parents if she agreed to sign up for Poetry Club. Now Poetry Club wasn’t as cool as Drama Club but it was better than her parents finding out about her steamy writerly pursuits.

These days, Liz writes women’s fiction, romance, and erotica. At least she’s too old to get kicked out of school for that.

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