I hated my name growing up.

If you’ve never seen or heard it before, I am sure you would be nervous to give it a go. I have friends, exclusive to social media, who have asked me how to say it. So, I make it a point when I meet someone in person to introduce myself, even if it is obvious who I am. I like to skip the awkward stutter of an attempt. You’re welcome.

American Pronunciation

Dacia is actually a European name, specifically Romanian. It’s rich in history, but we’ll get to that in a moment. In America, the common pronunciation of Dacia is Day-sha. This is the case with every Dacia I have ever met. Because it is unusual in the States, I don’t mind that people ask multiple times what it is or how to say it.

My name rhymes with Geisha. And that is 100% the best way to remember it. I am a published author and a writing coach As a public figure of sorts, I often have to address the correct pronunciation of my name. It becomes a big to-do at events, conferences, and interviews.

Other ways people remember my name: Day-shift, Déjà vu (it’s close and depending on my mood, I might correct you. Just know I roll my eyes on the inside). But honestly, if you do butcher my name, I will laugh and tell you that I have been called worse… because it’s true.


European Pronunciation

In Europe, Dacia is a popular car brand, much like Ford is to the US. The Dacia Sandero is often mocked, as the Ford Focus is mocked in the US. The brand of car has many pronunciations depending on accents throughout the continent. The most common of them being Dotch- uh. If I ever move to Europe, this is the brand of vehicle I will purchase, and I will pronounce it like my name. Because Day-sha Duster (their brand of SUV) sounds way better.

As some of you may know, my father is also an author. He also prides himself as a history buff and studied the Roman Empire at much length in his youth. This led to the discovery of the country Dacia which existed until the mid-100s A.D.

After the Roman empire took over the country, it became a region of Romania where ruins and artifacts are still recovered to this day. The plains are lush, green and hold a beautiful landscape on the western shores of the Black Sea. Running through the plains of Dacia are the Carpathian Mountains. This pronunciation is shared with the brand of car: Dotch-uh. Now I feel defeated.



So, we learned today that Dacia pronounced in American English is wrong. This is definitely not the direction I intended this post to go, but I will own it. I will also remember when I do my book tours in Ireland and New Zealand that clarifying the pronunciation of Dacia is an uphill battle in which I will lose. Just like the ancient kings of Dacia and the Sandero in a race.

Note: Please never call me Dotch-uh.