Dacia is Listening too…

As I pursue my English degree, I am constantly looking for analysis of writing outside my coursework. Little did I know, a friend of mine has a similar affection to literary scholarship.

Contemporary Modernism: Memorial Day

This weekend sort of sucks for about 1% of the US population. Every year we are given a sobering reminder that we are missing friends and loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of this country. 

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Dacia is Listening to…

As I continue to grow as a writer, I search for influential people willing to share their knowledge of the industry.

Share-A-Paloosa: Kind Nepenthe

Title: Kind Nepenthe Author: Matthew Brockmeyer Genre: Horror Number of Pages: 241 For Purchase at: AMAZON I am still recovering from this book. Set deep in the hilly-billy hills of California’s Humboldt County, Rebecca pursues the responsibility of tending to Coyote’s pot growing project. The payment will be enough to give her and her daughter,…Read More

April Share-A-Paloosa!!!

April is almost here, and as promised, Monday kicks off our SHARE-A-PALOOSA!!! This contest is open to everyone with specific prizes you can win that I DID NOT have to make.

Thank October- I’m Awake!!!

September was a horrible month for me and my house and I am thankful that it is over. I had every intention on doing amazing things in September to include pitching my book, but none of those things happened. I had a slew of family visit me, which in itself is not a bad thing.…Read More

I’m Writing a New Book

I know how much most everyone LOOOVES Apparent Power and Valerie’s journey, but I am taking a much needed break from my first loves. I have decided to write a dark paranormal story and exercise what I learned from the Ghost Town Writer’s Retreat a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, it is nothing…Read More