Review of Tales My Grandmother Told Me

Author: Heather Miller

Genre: Horror

Length: 228 pages

Author’s Site: Heather Miller

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Tales My Grandmother Told Me Heather Miller


When I was a little girl, my grandmother would tell me stories.

Stories of thieves and murderers, strange creatures and horrific happenings, stories of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

These were stories meant to unnerve and unsettle, to entertain and to frighten.

I’ve gathered together thirteen of those spine-tingling stories, and now I’m going to share them with you. These are the tales my grandmother told me.

Tales My Grandmother Told Me is a collection of frightening short stories from the leading lady of horror, Heather Miller. This unique blending of horror, thriller and folk lore will keep you up at night and checking under the bed. Told in a creative new voice, Heather shares with the reader the stories she grew up hearing from her grandmother, and with others she has created just for this release. This book is truly haunting and will keep readers coming back.

What I Thought:

If you are looking for a variety of solidly terrifying campfire stories, Grandma Nan (by way of author Heather Miller) delivers some of the most bone-chilling short stories I’ve read in quite some time in the collection “Tales My Grandmother Told Me”.

What is really lurking under your bed? Is there a sliver of truth in your local lore? Heather Miller spares no gruesome detail bringing “Tales My Grandmother Told Me” to life.

For many, there is no season for horror; they are drawn to the dark all year long. Heather Miller’s Grandma Nan had to have been this type of person. Her collection of thirteen thoughtfully crafted stories is a perfect mix of shock and slow building tension. And while they don’t all come directly from Grandma Nan, her legacy is definitely left in the original stories crafted by Heather and her children.

I LOVE horror and do not scare easy. So, imagine my delight when the one story I thought was pretty straightforward in the title was the one that stayed with me and even made its way into my nightmares. I’m still shuddering just thinking about it. I was mistaken going into this book expecting to find a story I’d heard before. Even plays on some tradition horror stories (which Miller sites for each) went in a completely different and horrifying direction.

Masterfully crafted. Intriguing and frightening. You need this book on your shelf and these stories in your own campfire arsenal. 

About the Author:

HEATHER MILLER is a writer of old-fashioned horror. She dreams of long candlelit passages and things that go bump in the night. Her writing is influenced by the old Gothic stories that she grew up reading, and the terrifying tales she heard at her grandmother’s knee.

She released her first novella, KNOCK KNOCK, in 2021, and her short stories have been featured in Twisted Pulp magazine and the upcoming anthology Into the Forest from Black Spot Books.

Heather lives with her husband, five kids, and a small menagerie of animals in a century-old house (likely haunted) in a tiny town in Oklahoma.

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