One of the best parts about being a writer is the community. But life happens and, between your work and home life, sometimes clearing your schedule for a week-long conference isn’t realistic.

How Author Capital is Different

We wanted to build a writing conference around you – the writer. No more shelling out money, juggling travel itineraries, or missing events because of last-minute conflicts. Author Capital is here when you need it, so you’ll never miss an event again.

We see how hard you’re working on your writing career, and we believe you deserve to achieve your dreams. But life can be busy, and in-person conferences don’t always fit into your schedule. You need courses that are here when you are ready for advice. That’s why we created Author Capital: an online writing conference that’s available for you to access for a full year!

Learn at your own pace with access to high-quality pre-recorded lessons. Each conference bundle includes over a dozen courses taught by award-winning and best-selling industry professionals. You’ll automatically get access to your conference courses for a full year. No need to cram 12+ hours of learning into a single weekend. Watch (and re-watch) the classes whenever you want, wherever you are.

Meet the Founders of Author Capital Conference

Rachel Huffmire has been working in the book and publishing industry since 2007, managing bookstores, acquiring and editing manuscripts for publishers, directing a marketing department for a small press, and coaching authors.

She writes twisty fairy tale retellings and is the author of the award-winning Mirror Chronicles. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband and three children.

You can learn more about her at

Karma Chesnut is a writer, anthropologist, and educator who has been involved in the writing community since she attended her first writing conference in 2018.

She writes speculative and contemporary fiction and published her debut novel, Unfit, in 2020. Karma lives in California with her husband and their three daughters; the snake-hunter, the princess, and the baby. 

You can find Karma on social media and at

Contracts for Creatives

I am honored to be partnering with Rachel, Karma, and Author Capital Writing Conference by offering my Contracts for Creates Webinar. 

About the Course

Authors wear many hats. Contract Negotiator is one few are comfortable with. This class will familiarize you with different types of contracts, the various parts of a contract, and what to look for to ensure a clear, fair, and mutually beneficial agreement.

Why am I teaching about Contracts?

I am a traditional and independently published author. During the pandemic, I managed contracts used to create the alternate COVID hospitals. After spending 10 years as a combat medic in the US Army, I carry my genuine desire to help others into my literary career. My combined experience as a contract administrator and fellow creative gives me a unique perspective to share concerning such uncharted publishing waters as contracts.


Friends and Family

Originally $119
Valid for one year


So, why is Author Capital such an amazing option? Because:

1. We care about it being affordable.

2. You can access it no matter where you live.

3. Pre-recorded means there are no technical difficulties and the presenters are speaking directly to you.

4. This conference is here whenever you need it.

Learn More About Author Capital

If taking time out of your schedule or affording a writing conference isn’t in the cards for you this year, Rachel and Karma want to bring you a different opportunity. Because the Author Capital Conference wants to be here for YOU when you need it.