Blog Tour: Someone Else’s Soul

I cannot believe it is finally here! Someone Else’s Soul is a gritty but sexy high action science fiction novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I fell in love with the cover. Then, I fell in love with the story. And now I am more than honored to call Meradeth…Read More

Hugo Awards

HUGO AWARDs Nominations for the 2019 Hugo Awards opened in February. If you were a member of 2018 WorldCon in San Jose, or 2019 WorldCon in Dublin (ME), you are eligible to nominate via an email with a link to the ballot.

Apparent Power Launch Update!

What’s New? So many HUGE things happened in just a matter of weeks!!! I hardly know where to start. I celebrated 7 years of marriage to a great hard working Railroader. We did not do much the day of, because of the nature of his job and unpredictability of his schedule. We made up for…Read More