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Weird Dreams

Some things that comes with a creative mind are crazy dreams. In the light of recent lamentatious posts, I feel a good laugh is far overdue. This dream is going to give away my age.

Soooo… I’m in a house next door to my old home in Louisiana that I have not lived since 1999. I’m in the living room with all five Backstreet Boys (I laughed when I typed that out). Anyway, they are dancing around me trying to seduce me with their harmonies, and sexy dance moves and I am singing along playing hard to get (think every single ’90s pop music video with a ton of black and red pleather).

giphy (8)

Anyway, so it’s over and AJ McLean (oh I’ve had the hots for him since I was 13) propositions me for casual sex. I laugh in his face and say no because I’m like married. So he takes some other girl to a back room and I leave because gross.

giphy (9)

Anyway, I kept thinking about the whole song and dance scene all morning and laughing because that pretty much sums up my every pubescent daydream. Bieber has nothing on grown men. Now if you don’t mind, I think I will spend the day looking at old Tiger Beats on the interwebs. CHEERS!

2 thoughts on “Weird Dreams

  1. Yep, weird dreams are part of a writer’s repretoire (did I spell that right?). My teen crush was Luke Halpin on Flipper (60’s TV show). I had a dream one night when I was about 15 that he and I were riding in a light turquoise colored car (convertible) with the top down and money was flying out of the backseat, carried away by the wind.

  2. I was an AJ fan too!!!! I saw this video on MTV this week, I got the weirdest looks from my kids when I started dancing to it 🙂

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