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Sister Sister

While serving in Baghdad ER, I got a phone call from my mother. (I cannot even go into how we were able to receive international calls at war in Iraq. Apparently you could dial a phone number with an American area code and reach us). Anyway, my mother called me one night I was on […]

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Mom Snark

  Like any hobbyist, I have dreams of grandeur. I envision myself being noticed by a publishing company and paid to blog full time. I can see myself with Little Miss on my hip, yelling some strange demand of my son like, “Don’t put legos in your butt!!!” Laughing to myself and writing it down […]


What I left behind

Most weeks I get the opportunity to tell young nurses or CNAs about my medical background. I tell them while they fill out a short paper with their demographics that they do not have to look up and to just listen. I explain my role here at the hospital of reviewing and correcting payroll, ordering […]


I Lost My Best Friend (Christmas 2010)

Christmas in Iraq happens about 18 hours before it does back home. Being in a third world country was difficult but I had to try extra hard on holidays to keep it together. In the spirit of Christmas I volunteered for midnight guard duty to allow my soldiers time to contact family. As I prepared […]

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A Shocking Realization

I’ve known this for a while, but I have a very disturbing obsession with tragically losing my husband or my son. It is quite disturbing to such and extent that I cannot dwell on it at all or it will consume me. I know why, I know how to deal with it, but it does […]

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War and Coffee

For me, war and coffee go hand in hand. I simply cannot have one without thinking of the other. “Dacia, do you mean war figuratively?” No, I mean war in the very literal sense of the word. More specifically, coffee reminds me of the war on terrorism and Iraq. Before I get too far ahead […]