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Six Fact Sunday- Ghost Town Writer’s Retreat

If you follow me anywhere like Twitter (HERE) FaceBook (HERE) or Instagram (HERE), you know that I have spent the weekend at my very first Writer’s Retreat. I met the most amazing group of like minded amateurs, professionals, and experts. Even though it was a horror writer’s deal, writers from across all genres were represented. […]


What I Learned Writing My First Draft

I have spent 26 months, off and on, writing my novel. So many things happened in my life in those two years: a new baby, a ton of loss, a new job, a promotion, a couple personal crisis, a bout of postpartum depression, a year of college, and ultimately growth. Though I really want to […]


The Final Challenge

This is it. I am finishing the first draft but I need your help again. Apparent Power is already an award winning book, even before being officially published. It has sat at #2 on ChapterBuzz since I posted the first chapter. But I am not satisfied. In June I am joining another challenge on ChapterBuzz. […]


About My Book.. Some More

  I’m really looking for feedback. I have hit a wall of writing lately. I know that it is mostly due to lack of planning than lack of content. This is Chapter Fifteen. Tell me hate it. Tell me you love it. Tell me I have typos. Tell me that I should keep my day […]


Apparent Power

My novel is being showcased¬†today!!!! He makes it sound so good and really captures the intensity far better than I could articulate of my own work. This is so exciting!! A young nurse. An apocalyptic disaster that awakens a dormant gene in a small segment of the population. To a ruthless government bent on morphing […]


The Executioner

After ten years, you get used to their screams, their pleas for mercy or forgiveness.¬† It was not my forgiveness they were after. I got a lump sum and made a decent living on those who found them not worth forgiving. Typically, it was not the offender that lost their life, but I took something […]

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I Wrote a Play for School

So… I found this task very daunting, but I wrote my first play. A friend of mine told me to just change my book into a screenplay, but I think that writing in this fashion leaves too much to interpretation. This is a short 10 minute play written in the genre that I am most […]