Six Fact Sunday

So it’s Saturday, but most will wake up to this post so here it goes. In March I will begin a very intense writing challenge which will limit my time here with you all. So the compromise is that I will aim at doing one very structured post. Since this is the first, this week…Read More

Hey Jude…

Some weekends I get a sudden burst of energy and use crafts as an outlet. Here are a couple more, but this is a new one that speaks far louder to me than the simple words shadowed by the shelf. “Take a sad song, and make it better…” Most everyone is familiar with the song…Read More

Special Delivery

With the expectation of having this little girl in the next few months, it has caused me to rethink everything that happened with my previous delivery. If you want to know all the details of my experience in the birth of Jude; minus the gross, dive right in. When I think back to the birth…Read More

A Reflective Walk

This creative writing class has finally given me something to write about. This is a journal entry. The assignment was to use sensory details to describe going for a walk. My thoughts are pretty loud and I make reference to them often. I never noticed how much I argue with myself in order to maintain…Read More

Parenting and Double Standards

I HATE my son’s daycare. It is borderline reportable. I pay these people to nurture my offspring so that I may go to work in order to foot the bill. I’m not an expert. I don’t know what is required to maintain a childcare license in my state. I am simply not happy with the…Read More

A rare Rant.

Today I am writing you from my new $200 laptop. I’ve had it for a couple of months but it hardly gets used. I usually use my work computer because I have no peace to write at home. I am lucky the Husband has taken the toddler for a bit so I can rest and…Read More