Dacia M Arnold

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The Up Hill

  The thing about depression is there is no black and white. No yes or no. It’s a journey. Some days the going is hard and other days just treading water is a success. 5 days shy of 8 months and I finally feel like things are on the up for me. You see, getting […]


Teething: The Cold Hard Truth

Imagine, if you will, an ache. A small swollen pain that is constant and further irritated by doing the one thing that soothes you. Then remove your ability to fix it, or even articulate your need for assistance aside from screaming bloody murder and thrashing around. You have becomeĀ a miniature angry octopus-banshee creature that is […]

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Just Jump

There was one time, I jumped out of an airplane. I had been on many before, even over a war zone when the turbulence was questionable to the pilot’s skill and flares shot out the back to ward off enemy fire. I would sometimes ask my fellow passengers if they would jump. Some looked at […]


She wants coffee, not roses!

  My little dude is 4 and loves Ghostbusters, Nerf guns, and Team Umi Zoomie. My 6 month-old is breastfed and wakes up no less than 3 times a night. I work 40 hours a week, Monday thru Friday and on weekends we try to cram some kind of family outing. I share in cooking […]


Stretch Mom-strong

Who else? You? Your bestie? Your Sister? Who in your life is pulled in so many directions they are forgetting the most important thing of all… Themselves. This is me and where I live right now. I honestly do not care if SAHMs or working moms have it rough… I am having it rough. Right […]