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Syrian Babies

I am reluctant to write such a confrontational post, but the more I hold this in, the more it eats my soul.

Lately it has been a thing to post photos of injured/ dead Syrian children on social media. For the love of everything I just can’t.

I can see why one might feel that this is justified: They are raising awareness of the atrocities that are occurring in Syria and the need for liberation, They are angry at our president for banning further refugees into America, They want to shock people into action.. However they wish to justify sharing these images, I am not in the least bit concerned.

Have you ever seen an injured or otherwise mangled child? Have you been to war and seen first hand the “collateral damage”? Have you treated a little kid whose abdominal contents sit visible while that little one is in so much shock, he does not even realize the extent of his ouchy? No? Never? Then stop fricken putting these photos on your FaceBook! You are not creating a soft spot in people’s hearts, are you making them numb to death. You are turning a subject that should outrage people into another make up tutorial.

“Dacia, how can you just stand idly by while these horrible things are happening to babies?!” I will tell you how. Because hearing the screams from these babies killed and maimed over a war that is not theirs saying “Where were you while we were being slaughtered?!” is too much for me to carry emotionally.

When I see these posts and these babies, all the memories of real children that I have touched, held,  and carried to the morgue come rushing back. AND THEN, the faces of these teeny babies are replaced with the faces of my own children and I suddenly understand that I cannot, no matter how much I love them and try, I cannot protect them. Not my kids. Not Syrian kids. Do you think that the parents of Sandy Hook thought that their kids were safe when they dropped them off at school? Of course they did. I live everyday terrified that the things I had seen and experienced at war, will one day follow me home and show up on my door step. I daily use methods to keep PTDS and obsessive actions at bay when it comes to my children.

So PLEASE, stop don’t share these photos. I have experienced war. I know what happens. It is disgusting, and horrible what is happening but FaceBook is not going to contact your city representatives and voice your opinion about your city’s stance on refugees. FaceBook is not where you go to open your home to a family or even an orphan of a war torn country. FaceBook is not going to donate money to replace what was formerly subsidized by the Federal government to house these people.


4 thoughts on “Syrian Babies

  1. I deleted Facebook months ago. I was tired of the fakeness of it all and thinking that some of my friends thought naively that posting a picture of a sad child of war was a call to action. Facebook, all social media in most cases, is fake. I’m sorry that you had to endure what you saw and experienced. I’ve called my Senators, my House Representative, the White House and many other agencies in the past year and will continue to do so. With every call I make there are usually several emails and in one particular case I sent a hand-written letter. Thank you for sharing, more people need to understand that shock doesn’t equal action.

  2. I hesitantly clicked on your post because I was worried that I would disagree strongly with it, but the more I read, the more I agreed. While I’m Canadian and our country is doing a really great job welcoming Syrian refugees, I still understand the frustrations and anger of Americans and what the President is doing. But I just can’t stand seeing all the posts on facebook where people can’t even say that they know, for a fact, that the information in the picture they shared is correct. Taking two seconds to click “share” won’t change a thing. But taking a minute to share a way to ACTUALLY make a change is what people should be doing. Everyone is just sharing things blindly to make themselves feel better. Feeling like they’ve done something to show their outrage. But Mr. President and his administration aren’t reading your facebook and won’t hear your outrage because you posted a picture. I like the comment above of “shock doesn’t equal action” so, so true.

    • Thank you for taking a minute to hear me out. I have been sitting on this subject for weeks, but like I said it disturbed me so. When I was younger, I could see these things and compartmentalize them. But now, as a mother, it throws me into a panic.

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