Sometimes My Kids Creep Me Out

Do you ever have those moments when your child completely creeps you out?? My son tells me to put my ear to the floor of his play room and he says “Can you hear that??? He’s in the walls. There is someone in the walls.”


Then the other night I was laying in his bed making shadow puppets on the ceiling with a flashlight. He pointed to the ceiling between animals and says, “There he is! He’s in the walls, up THERE!” My son has a loft bed and the hatch for the attic is in his room. SUPER creepy. Thanks, little dude, for giving mommy the heebie-geebies.

Also, with my husband’s and my Cherokee heritage, our kiddos have quite a bit of Native American features. This includes crazy dark brown eyes. My husband’s eyes are almost black. My son’s eyes are getting a little lighter, but my daughter has NO color to her eyes. They are completely black.


Cute as she is, this is what horror movies are based on. My little Sacajawea baby. She also has a “Mongolian Ink” birth mark on her tiny tush. She is going to kill me when she gets to high school and reads through these. When I brought her home from the hospital I thought my poor teeny baby got a bruise on her butt from her car seat. But good ole WebMD set me straight. “Mongolian spots are very common in any part of the body of dark-skinned babies. They are flat, gray-blue in color (almost looking like a bruise), and can be small or large. They are caused by some pigment that didn’t make it to the top layer when baby’s skin was being formed. They are harmless and usually fade away by school age.” My littles apparently have far more Cherokee blood than their mama. Only about 1-10% of Caucasian babes have this type of birth mark.

These creepy little people are truly the best. I cannot get enough of them. They are funny and smart and keep me on my toes. It is a struggle to work 40 hours a week but it gives me the opportunity to miss them. Here is proof that they aren’t monsters. Just look at those dimples.



Dacia Arnold is an author that struggles to find a balance of work, motherhood, marriage, writing, and the occasional craft. Her first full length novel, Apparent Power, is in the works to be released December 2018. Dacia served 10 years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic and deployed twice to Iraq and often incorporates these experiences into her writings both fiction and non-fiction. She currently lives in Denver, Co with her husband, two children, and a fat beagle named Watson.

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  1. Wow! Her eyes are truly so dark and your babies are very beautiful! My little prince has an imaginary friend called Jojo, and “Jojo” does all the bad things. The other day, he announced that there’s a “Jojo 2” so now I’ve got one more to worry about.

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