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I really need to work on my novel. Every time I open Microsoft Word and hit Ctrl+Page Down I get the feeling when you scratch an old sticker only to find the fragrance is gone. Where are my ten page writing sessions? I have the story written in my head, it has just become too arduous to pound it out.

I started my current job back in January. I had been a SAHM for about 10 months and had not read a book since the early years of my marriage. Of the 12 hour shift, about 3 hours are spent working and 9 are spent waiting to work. So I started this book. I got a good way into it and then… blah. So I started a blog because it kills me to sit for 9+ hours and watch TV. Maybe around 4am when my brain simply does not work any longer… Sure.

So I read a couple of books, to include my dad’s self published novel that I had been putting off for years. I ultimately decided, if I never read his, chances are, he’d never read mine. I also read Amy Poehler’s book and started one I read in grade school which I claimed to be my favorite.

Anywho, I read a blog entry today that explained why a writer SHOULD blog. I blog simply for instant gratification and procrastination. I love writing. I would love to be a published author. I should put in the work like so many successful people coach.

And so starts my well of excuses….

I have a toddler. You try sitting down and writing with a toddler. Many a notebook have been turned to works of art.

I write at work. Sometimes we are busy. Most the time we are not. Some nights, I could not, or a miniature person would not allow me to get any sleep before my shift and, again, my brains simply refuses to jump on board.

(Face in hands) I have recently taken a new job that is strictly days. I took a huge pay cut to get it. I needed to, for my son and my own body. But this busier job will not allow me the time to breathe much less write a full length novel. I have mapped out a plan in my head of early morning on my days off and late weekend nights.

We shall see. Back to work..

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