Share-A-Paloosa: The Lure of Fools

Share-A-Paloosa: The Lure of Fools

The Lure of Fools

Everything you ever wanted in a fantasy adventure!

Title: The Lure of Fools

Author: Jason King

Genre: ADULT Fantasy

Number of Pages: 304

For Purchase at: AMAZON

If you’re looking for a story chalked with adventure, obscure but endearing characters, and a series that sucks you in from the start, this is the book for you.

Jekaran is a seventeen-year-old farm boy with dreams in his head of leaving the care of his uncle to chase adventure in the great wide world. His best female friend follows him on his quests while incognito, which adds a touch of romance to the story.

While on the quest, Jek is faced with a plot twisting dilemma: He must use his uncle’s magical weapon talis (a coveted magical sword) to get out of a sticky situation. An offense punishable by death. Jek, with the help of many friends along the way, must take  the sword and go on the run.

There is no shortage of characters to fall in love (or to hate) with in the story, but picking a favorite is difficult. What really set this story apart from most fantasies are the rules by which magic functions within the world King has written. The talis items are masterfully depicted in his writing and the concepts are easy to follow.

Jason King, your mind is an endless melting pot for action and suspense. Great book, sir. Thank you for lending your autographed copy to my April Share-A-Paloosa contest.

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King’s book is also available for purchase on Amazon (HERE).

Dacia M Arnold

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