Share-A-Paloosa: Kind Nepenthe

Share-A-Paloosa: Kind Nepenthe


Title: Kind Nepenthe

Author: Matthew Brockmeyer

Genre: Horror

Number of Pages: 241

For Purchase at: AMAZON

I am still recovering from this book. Set deep in the hilly-billy hills of California’s Humboldt County, Rebecca pursues the responsibility of tending to Coyote’s pot growing project. The payment will be enough to give her and her daughter, Magen, the homestead life she has always dreamed.

Diesel, a certified diesel mechanic and felon drug dealer, attempts to mend his strained relationship with his son, DJ. DJ’s girlfriend is expecting Diesel’s grandson which symbolizes a new beginning for the entire family.

From the beginning, Brockmeyer gives us a calm sense of conflict. While this old hippie commune turned marijuana endeavor is undoubtedly creepy, there does not seem to be any immediate danger.

As tension escalates and things don’t go according to planned, Brockmeyer has a clever way of leading our mind in places that surprise us when their true intentions are revealed. Where ghosts are not the only things haunting the story, and pasts, which these characters try to escape, come back to seek revenge.

Named for the 12th stanza of Poe’s The Raven, this kind nepenthe is anything but. Days after finishing this horror novel, I am still feeling the effects of the desperate, hollow, wallowing of the end. A compliment to the story of which Brockmeyer should be both proud and yet slightly ashamed. It takes great writing to evoke such strong emotions that are palpable long after the story is over.

I recommend this book to everyone looking for a dark story. I will not give away how bright or dim the light is at the end of this tunnel, but it is definitely worth the emotional rollercoaster it takes to find out.

Cheers, Matthew, and thank you for lending your autographed copy to my April Share-A-Paloosa contest.

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Dacia M Arnold

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