I Have yet to theme this blog. One day I feel all I can think about is writing my book. The next, everything reminds me of the military. Next I get on a short story kick. And finally my growing family is in the forefront.

Today’s post will be about my day… Well, yesterday.

By midnight-oh-one yesterday, I was tossing and turning on a Queen size bed with a twin size comforter being taken over by a toddler size person. My son gives the best snuggles when conscious. When sleeping, he’s an octopus with very ridged limps that find every pressure point in my back. I am very thankful for my father’s spare bedroom. I had prepared to stay the night, as my current parasite often sucks my energy. I knew It was a small chance of safely making the 1.5 hour trip home. So I brought my pillow and a small throw blanket, both of which my son required to sleep. I was stuck with the too small comforter and  a strange “cooling” microfoam pillow. I had only discovered the cooling feature when my arm felt like it was going to freeze. Then, when I flipped it over the proper way, I found the cooling to be very distracting from sleep. Great.

630am- Baby wants milk. Drank all the milk.

730am- Baby wants more milk. Baby drinks whatever juice is leftover in his sippy from the night before

840am- Mama’s revenge. Wakes baby.

He laid in bed pulling the covers up over his face until I tickle him awake. My FitBit App tells me that of the 9.5 hours I was in bed, I only actually slept a little over 5 hours. Not surprised. I changed my clothes, changed his diaper, packed my bags, and open the child to terrorize at will. My five year old little brother (yes, you read that correctly) was sleeping on the pull out bed with his Bobuscha (Russian for Grandmother). I went to the bathroom to do bathroom things and brush my teeth. I was reassured the day before that 9am was appropriate time to be awake. 7am is usually my son’s bed limit, but he was up late with festivities.

I take my son upstairs from the basement to the main floor. He immediately goes to my brothers room to play with toys. Eventually breakfast was served. Leftovers from last night. I cannot recall ever eating ribs and deviled eggs for breakfast. I actually love breakfast food so much, it never occurred to me to eat anything else for breakfast. We spent at least an hour going through old toys, and my dad saying, “No you can’t take that, or that, or those… This you can have..” (don’t want) “PLEASE TAKE IT!” (explain the toy situation at the house is surely going to end in divorce). We ended up with a couple Batmans and a few dinosaurs (which sounds adorable coming from my toddlers mouth). A bag of food and two bags of clothes later, we were on our way home.

I love my husband. Divorce is something we joke about very loosely. We probably shouldn’t, but it will never happen. I do not have a better friend in this world than the man I share it with. I do not talk about him, aside from mentioning. He’s a super private person and would likely not appreciate any sort of particular description, save “husband”. The nature of his job keeps him away from home for almost 36 hours and home for only 10. This is the cycle when he’s at his busiest. We have not been busy in a few months so I get him home a lot more. So much that I hate it when he does have to finally go, because I get used to having him around. Without him, solo parenting reigns and I rely on nannies to allow me to continue to work. I am thankful for nannies. I would rather not have to pay someone to watch my kid. I would rather my kids have more time with their daddy. I would rather have my husband.

All that to explain that Daddy was on his way home and would probably beat us there. He was going to the gym so that I could sleep when I got home. Sweetest man ever.

1.5 hour drive was uneventful. Traffic moved expediently. I call this assertive driving, not aggressive. Got home and his car is there. My son woke up just before pulling in and says “Daddy, where are you?” He repeated this many times before making it into the house. Husband was still at the gym and the three days of dishes were still in the sink. They were HIS dishes to do. Then mine. Then his. Then mine. I did the damned dishes. (Please note that my house is clean. Lived in, yes, but clean. This dish situation is, by far, the worst it has ever been. Even then, it was not that bad. I fit everything easily in the washer).

He came home, showered and we switched. I headed to the gym. I walked the .25 mile and headed straight for the treadmill. I wonder why I’m on the treadmill when I could easily do this outside. I justify it this way; it is hot, I like to track everything, I like to attempt running in a controlled environment with people around to assist when needed. I also hate the gym. I hate anything I am not good at. If I hit the speed button too many times and I think people are wondering WTH I’m even doing on a treadmill if I cannot keep it up. Its stressful, but I did my 35 minutes and walked home.

Toddler pulled all the dinosaurs out of the trash bag and created herds in different places in the living room. Husband was watching Shark Week. I take a shower and immediately lay down for a nap, wet hair and all. 20 minutes of sleep felt like 3 hours and I kept waking up. My alarm was set for 530pm. I made it to 445pm before texting Husband to go ahead and start dinner. He made boudin, pirogues, and Brussels sprouts. I drank orange juice even though I wanted a soda so bad. I have not had a single carbonated beverage in a week. Still going strong.

At 6pm I start getting ready for work. Hair, make-up, got dressed, and packed my lunch. It is easy for me to leave too early for work. I get ready too fast and it takes me 3 minutes to drive, 10 minutes to bike, or 20 minutes to walk. I often find that the first moment that my toddler is distracted, is usually when I leave. This time he was well aware of Mama’s tricks. He chased me to the door and I could hear him throw himself on the floor when I closed it. My poor monkey. I really do miss him when I’m at work.

I resolved that I would go to the drug store and buy soda. Just a little one. I bought 2 orange sodas because they were on sale. My justification, I had done so good, and they were caffeine free… Later find out they are not. I hate everything.

Work was steady for a while and slowly dwindled into night shift dead zone. Everyone is sleeping but me. I have only slept once, for less than an hour, at work. My parasite had gotten the best of me and I had not napped that day. I was so tired it physically hurt.

So here I sit, reading blogs. Wondering where I am going with mine. What do people find interesting? Definitely not me and my day. I’d be tickled if you left a comment to let me know you made it to the end with me. I may just prove my own point.


Dacia Arnold is an author that struggles to find a balance of work, motherhood, marriage, writing, and the occasional craft. Her first full length novel, Apparent Power, is in the works to be released December 2018. Dacia served 10 years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic and deployed twice to Iraq and often incorporates these experiences into her writings both fiction and non-fiction. She currently lives in Denver, Co with her husband, two children, and a fat beagle named Watson.

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  1. I enjoyed it! I love reading about other people’s days. I’m one of those people that “people watch” in a crowd though. I like the humour of your voice. I think you could write anything in that voice and people will want to read it. Some of the most enjoyable posts I have read are people’s who have written about everyday things and made them really fun to read by how they have written it! 🙂

      1. I’m glad, because you have the most wonderfully humorous voice in this post and people love that! It’s great to read things that make you smile! 🙂

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