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Autographed Copy: REACTANCE

Order your signed copy of Dacia M Arnold’s REACTANCE now! Price include shipping.



Autographed: Colp: The Passage of Time

Price includes paperback copy of book autographed by Dacia M Arnold, and shipping



Marketing Fund

Want to support the efforts of spreading the word? You can donate increments of $5.00 to help me produce marketing materials for the DiaZem series! I'll send you some swag to share with your friends! Remember you can also support me on and receive exclusive behind the scenes content!



15 oz Apparent Power Collector’s Coffee Mug

Price: $16 + $4 shipping (this is the price of production and is shipped directly from the manufacturer).



Handcrafted Copper Tree Sculptures:

My very own mother has created sculptures to promote my novella, REACTANCE available September 11th! Price includes shipping.



Red Beaded Branches and Quarts Base Tree



Green Glass Bead Branch Tree with Petrified Wood Base

Height: 9.5 inches Base: 8×3 inches



White Glass Bead Branch Tree with Ironwood Base

Height: 7 inches Base: 8×3 inches



Copper Tree Rock Base

Height: 8 inches Base: 4×4 inches


Twisted Copper Tree with Quarts Base

Height: 9.5 inches Base: 3x4 inches


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