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Continuing on memory lane brings more sad sad poems of a young girl struggling to fit in, find love, and to love herself. This poem is very fitting today because soon, I will be giving away a few custom artsy fartsy projects at random. I’m super excited about it. But I will get to that later.

I get my craftiness from my mother and my literary and musical talent from my father. And sense I am the middles child, I have turned out to be the perfect mix of the two.


“Erase me from this painting of chaos

If you can find me

I seem to fit in so well

Captive of my own choices

Pride and lust are my brushes

I paint with colors of shame and regret

Mistakes soil the canvas

Merely a fruitless struggle to become myself

Trapped by loaded words and accusations

But only the walls hear my silent screams…

‘This is my Masterpiece…'”

I am so excited that after almost two years, I have developed a system to produce consistent material for my blog and it has acquired almost 100 followers. I never thought I would see the day. If you have not already and would like to, you can officially “follow” my blog by clicking in the bottom right corner of your screen “+Follow”.


Once I hit 100, I am going to do a give away to three lucky people that qualify.

Believe me, when I hit 100, you’ll know.

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!

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