I’m raising my own pep squad

A recent victory in the world of my 3 (almost 4) year old… We went #2 on the potty for the first time ever. It has been a struggle in which pull-ups have won, until this week when I “threw them all away!” (I moved them to a different cabinet). So just has little guy has his hands over his bottom and a distressed look on his face, I rushed him in and set him down and PLOP! Sweet Victory!

So, this morning in the rush of getting everyone out of the house on time, I took a minute to use the potty. This is never a solo task and hasn’t been for as long as I have been a mother. In comes my little guy and he smiles so big and says “Great job, Mommy! You did it! You’re the BEST!” Thanks, Kid. *high five* Now let Mommy go potty in peace.


True to life picture of my son’s fingers while I’m trying to go potty February 2014. He was 1 y/o.

It seems like I just blinked and went from hosting crazy parties, to shuffling these two little people through life, hoping they are happy and satisfied with themselves. Trying to build them up to be proud of themselves and have the confidence to truly do anything they put their mind to. I know one day someone will tell them they can’t, and I hope then I will have the answer to guide them to continue to see the positive. As much as I would want to pop that person in the mouth that told them otherwise, I want them to have the confidence to solve their own problems.

Wow. That got off topic. I am glad my son is able to see the good jobs of other people and recognize them for it. Makes me feel like I’ve done something right.



Dacia Arnold is an author that struggles to find a balance of work, motherhood, marriage, writing, and the occasional craft. Her first full length novel, Apparent Power, is in the works to be released December 2018. Dacia served 10 years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic and deployed twice to Iraq and often incorporates these experiences into her writings both fiction and non-fiction. She currently lives in Denver, Co with her husband, two children, and a fat beagle named Watson.

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  1. My wife feels your frustration (or happiness) about having to go to the bathroom without privacy. Once my daughter stopped barging in on her, we got a Shepherd that acts much like a toddler does, but only for my wife. The dog merely is amused by my presence when she has to go outside or wants to be fed, otherwise I’m just taking up space from her perspective. Glad your little man finally went #2, its a milestone indeed.

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