Dacia is Listening to…

Dacia is Listening to…

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As I continue to grow as a writer, I search for influential people willing to share their knowledge of the industry. If you want a window into the literary world, specifically what the horror genre is up to, The Horror Show with Brian Keene is a one stop shop for interviews, insights, unapologetic opinions, and leads on some damn good reads.

The show is hosted, of course, by the highly decorated (but humble) Brian Keene. He is joined on the show by co-hosts Dave Thomas, Mary Sangiovanni, and Phoebe (who, to my understanding, avoids social media at all costs) plus so many guest hosts (which can be found HERE). All of these personalities are endearing. Not what you would expect from a show about horror.

What I particularly enjoy about listening is you don’t have to be a huge horror fan to follow the show. They also cover everything from books, to movies, even a little music. The show is not scary, but you’ll gain a strong respect for the genre that you might not have had before.

But what you won’t catch unless you really sit in to listen is Brian and the gang are really looking out for young and upcoming authors. And there have even been times when they speak out on injustices done to established writers. The Horror Show is a safe place, believe it or not, to learn about all the weird things you wonder about behind the scenes of the genre and the writing world in general.

Having personally met Brian and Mary, I can tell that they are as transparent on the air as their network will allow. They share honest truths about struggling to find time to write in the midst of being parents and partners as well as public figures. Mary likes to sing (twinsies!!) and, like me, can’t write while listening to music because it’s hard not to sing along when you should definitely be focusing on something else. Brian prides himself in being a good father and giving his son a well-rounded childhood. They are super cool people like you and me that take their kids to school, drink tea, and go grocery shopping.

Later this month on May 11th, Brian and his gang is hosting their 2nd annual “Scares That Care” a 501C(3) charity that gives 100% of their donations to help children with cancer, women with breast cancer, and burn victims. If you are able to attend in the York, PA area you can go HERE and purchase tickets to this 24/7 live telethon. If you are NOT able to attend follow The Horror Show on FaceBook (HERE) Twitter (HERE) or check out their site (HERE). I am NOT able to attend, but I most certainly will be calling in my donation to support this charity.

If you’re looking for a new podcast definitely stop by and give The Horror Show with Brian Keene a try and listen to some relatable famous people talk about the horror genre.


Dacia M Arnold


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Dacia Arnold is an author that struggles to find a balance of work, motherhood, marriage, writing, and the occasional craft. Her first full length novel, Apparent Power, is in the works to be released December 2018. Dacia served 10 years in the U.S. Army as a combat medic and deployed twice to Iraq and often incorporates these experiences into her writings both fiction and non-fiction. She currently lives in Denver, Co with her husband, two children, and a fat beagle named Watson.

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