Gone… Damn you 2016.

via Daily Prompt: Gone Gone. This word sums up my 2016. I was driving home from my father’s house after celebrating with his family and my children and I spent about an hour and a half reflecting on what it meant. Guilt and shame poured over me as I realized that even while I look…Read More

Sister Sister

While serving in Baghdad ER, I got a phone call from my mother. (I cannot even go into how we were able to receive international calls at war in Iraq. Apparently you could dial a phone number with an American area code and reach us). Anyway, my mother called me one night I was on…Read More

Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat Lately I have found it difficult to write something of deep reflection, as I know my blog posts have become anticipated by those closest to me. Embarrassed at recent events, the view of myself, and scared that sharing my struggles makes me weak, I have seriously been paralyzed to write anything…Read More

Mom Bod

Flabby. Fluffy. Soft. Cushion. I don’t care how you describe it to make me feel better (or worse) but lawd it needs to change and fast. Yes I just grew a human in there. Yes I lost all my prego¬†weight in 2 weeks. I do not like what I see. But I especially do not…Read More


It is time for me to start writing again. This is important to my sanity and in preparation of starting school later this month. In conjunction with blogging, I will also pick up on my novel. Though the story has sat on the burner for a while, its my story, it’s exciting, and I really…Read More

What I left behind

Most weeks I get the opportunity to tell young nurses or CNAs about my medical background. I tell them while they fill out a short paper with their demographics that they do not have to look up and to just listen. I explain my role here at the hospital of reviewing and correcting payroll, ordering…Read More

A Crack In My Armor

  January of this year I pissed on a stick. Pregnant. We had only been trying for two months and, even then, we weren’t trying that hard. I had so many symptoms from heartburn and nausea to the worst case of tender breasts ever. All the signs were there, our second child was just as planned…Read More