July Podcast Recap

The  first month of our podcast was a great success thanks to my infinitely helpful co-host, Melissa Terry, and the Super Women who contributed their time and stories. Here is a recap of the incredible conversations: Episode 1 Getting to Know You: Melissa and I take some time to chat and about life in general…Read More

The Super Woman Podcast is LIVE

To be honest, this episode wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my husband and the fun, friendly banter of my good friend Melissa Terry, who’s shown up for me many times over the years. Thank you, Mel.

Love, Fear, and Ah-Ha Moments

I often know what I am supposed to do. THEN, there are times when I truly understand what I am supposed to do. Let’s call this shift in understanding an “ah-ha” moment.

Choose Life

This essay was shared with me in confidence, and my dear friend will remain anonymous by her request. This very subject brings out ever primal instinct in me to fight and protect and cry all at the same time. Friend- I can find no words. You have always been a strong personality in my day…Read More

The Mountain Climb!

Miscarriage is devestating. I know I’ve told my stories about my struggles with fertility, but please know that though it is extremely common, it is heartbreaking to lose a child. I went through a cycle of feeling dead inside and hated myself, too. But we don’t have to suffer alone. This post was written by…Read More

The Generation That Built Us

Having a daughter has completely derailed me. Things that I have kept high on a shelf, have come down to tiny hands that don’t understand the frailty of the memories they hold. My father being in the military, we rarely lived close to family. When we did go “home” to visit, we stayed with my…Read More