The Super Woman Next Door Podcast

Episode 1 Getting to Know You: Melissa and I take some time to chat and about life in general and where we are in that regard.

Episode 2 Melissa Hill: Melissa Hill joins us to discuss her evolving spiritual journey, childhood illness and subsequent trauma, the loss of her mother, and being one of the top real estate agents in her firm.

Episode 3 Dr. Missy Givens Part 1: A conversation so good, we cut it into 2. Missy talks about hard lessons her biracial daughters taught her and how that shifted her lens on past experiences.

Episode 4 Dr Missy Givens Part 2: Dr Missy Givens is an emergency room doctor, sports medicine physician, mother, and combat veteran. We continue our discussion from last week in this incredible part 2.

Episode 5 Michelle Goldsboro: Michelle bravely discusses her 19 year journey of sobriety and how selfcare and spirituality keep her on track.

Episode 6 Brittnay McCall: A Gold Star Wife ( a surviving spouse of a deceased military service member) talks about her advocacy for other Gold Star families and having an identity alongside being a widow.

Meet the Hosts:

Dacia M Arnold: I’m a science fiction author who specializes in dystopian worlds where a mother saves the day. Three years after publishing my Chapterbuzz Award winning sci-fi novel, I found myself against stakes similar to the fictional world I created. My fictional-self did no justice to the real-life path I have blazed.

Melissa Terry: I’m a neuro-divergent cancer widow, dog mom, grief peer support, HR Generalist, occasional songstress human dumpster fire who thrives on self-deprecating humor and finding ways to enrich the lives of others.

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