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Apparent Power

My novel is being showcased today!!!! He makes it sound so good and really captures the intensity far better than I could articulate of my own work. This is so exciting!!

A young nurse. An apocalyptic disaster that awakens a dormant gene in a small segment of the population. To a ruthless government bent on morphing into a totalitarian regime, these genes are useful, but Valerie Russell’s even rarer genes are indispensable. Stranded in central Colorado, a hundred miles from home—and from her two-year-old son—Valerie quickly […]

via A novel takes shape: Apparent Power by Dacia Arnold — What Inspires Your Writing?

4 thoughts on “Apparent Power

  1. YAY! Well done, I’ve just read the blog and I love your motivation.

  2. Yes!! Love his description! Capsulizes the story well!!!!

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