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Dacia M Arnold is an award-wining American novelist of dystopian, scifi and dark fiction. She enjoys writing main characters who are otherwise normal people with extraordinary abilities. She is also a mother, ten-year Army Veteran and an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

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Dacia M Arnold is an Amazon Bestselling author of adult dystopian and dark fiction. She enjoys writing main characters who are otherwise normal people with extraordinary abilities.

To say Dacia is an author and a mother would only be scratching the surface. She is an avid karaoke singer, master crafter and a thrift-ster. She is also a ten-year Army veteran and served two tours of combat as a medic.

From a young age, her imagination lent itself to short stories and poems. Like most girls, her father is her hero. Dacia moved every three years since she was born, as with most military families,  which allowed her to reinvent herself with new friends. Later in life, she followed her father’s boot prints by joining the military. Dacia spent fifteen months working in Baghdad Emergency room. There she lay witness to both horrors and miracles.

While she was away for her second deployment, Dacia lost her best friend to domestic violence. After her friend’s passing, Dacia served as a victim advocate until her time in the military ended. Now, to help others, she speaks out often in social media platforms to encourage victims of their own strength and informs them of options to get help.

Dacia blogs about being a writer, a mom of two and the struggles therein. She sometimes incorporates life with her railroad conductor husband in Denver, Colorado and a few DIY projects. When in rare form, she will share stories about her time in the military, her medical experiences, short fiction stories, and very rarely a poem.

Dacia’s first full length novel incorporates almost every aspect of her life. APPARENT POWER is an award-winning story following a mother on a journey to find her son before a rising, post-apocalyptic government does. The main character will stop at nothing to ensure her son’s safety. Apparent Power is available now through all major book retailers.

SHIFTING POWER, the sequel, is in the works to be released in the fall of 2019.

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  1. Love your bio! I had no idea your husband was a real railroad conductor. I thought being a railroad wife was a metaphor I missed.

    1. Hahahaha. Oh my, it could be a metaphor for so many things. Thank you for the feedback. Just got my headshots in and had to update everything.

  2. I am so excited to read your upcoming book! Will it be available in kindle format? I have severe ADD and need a kindle for reading or I focus more on how many physical pages are left to read……… Ps. kindle is the best invention since sliced bread!!!!! I hope my blog can live up to be even half as awesome as yours 🙂

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