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6 Tip Sunday: Spring Cleaning

As the weather gets warmer and my hibernation season ends, I get the itch to clean. This itch often dies as soon as I get started.


I am crazy excited to be collaborating with my good friend over at “Life of a Railroad Wife”.  Here are some tips and free printable checklists that we (regular moms and not an experts in anything outside our front door) use to actually accomplish this gargantuan task.


  1. Caffeinate. I will even go so far as to drink my favorite pre-workout drink before starting to clean. Otherwise, it is coffee or very occasionally I will drink red bull because I just like the taste of it. giphy (12)
  2. Make a Plan. If you do not, you’re likely to get distracted with ten other tasks that need to get done. There are many aspects of this step.
    1. Make a plan that removes other people from the space you plan to clean (Baby gates make the world go round).
    2. Pick ONE room at a time. Focus on that room until it is done to your satisfaction.
    3. Decide exactly what needs to be done before doing it and prioritize these tasks. REMEMBER: the floors should be near the LAST thing you do. Dusting, wiping surfaces, and cleaning window sills are all going to muck up your floors.
  3. Gather Needed Supplies. If you have to take a break to get something, you are likely to get distracted by another task.
  4. Declutter. There are many techniques people use to do this. I imagine I am putting my house on the market and “stage” it when cleaning.
  5. CLEAN THE BASE BOARDS. If you did nothing else extravagant to the space, this one tedious and back breaking task will make it look like you broke your back cleaning. I have to say, I only do this once a year. I’m not perfect and I do not have much time to do this more often. When I do, I point it out to people like it is some huge feet (because for me, it is).
  6. “Clean Enough” is OKAY! Give yourself a break! Chances are, you are not the only person in your home. You did not make all those messes. If you did get distracted, guess what, we already knew it was going to happen.



Head over to Life of a RailRoad Wife (CLICK HERE) and get your hands on those free cleaning printables!

How do you manage to spring clean? Any tips you’d like to add?


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